What Our Clients Are Saying

“Working with Euclid Managers (now EM Benefits) was our first foray into working with a General Agent. Not knowing what to expect, we have been beyond pleasantly surprised. The two most distinct differences are first (and foremost), their level of service goes above and beyond what you typically receive. Second, the quality of the people…from Sales to Account Management to Senior Management, the Euclid Managers (now EM Benefits) team is filled with shining stars!”
Tony Alberico, Assurance Agency
“Euclid Managers (now EM Benefits) is superb in expediting the quoting and group submission process. Next Euclid Managers (now EM Benefits) follows up after the sale with outstanding service.”
Steve Foreman, Arthur J. Gallagher
“The team at Euclid Managers (now EM Benefits) has been wonderful to work with. We’ve had a great experience from the quoting process to help in sales and service. Renewals have been fair and the end result is that our clients are better off. Thanks for the professionalism that you bring.”
Steve J. Elsberg, CLU, Mass Financial Group
“Most brokers try to work direct with the carriers. We prefer to work with Euclid Managers (now EM Benefits) instead. The service and response time is outstanding; I’ve recommended them to other brokers.”
Joe Liberty, Better Business Planning
“As a result of the fine service and dedication to perfection the entire team at Euclid Managers (now EM Benefits) demonstrates daily, UnitedHealthcare is now our absolute first choice.”
Al Candos, Candos Insurance Agency
“Euclid Managers (now EM Benefits) always delivers.”
Mitchell Andrews, The Plexus Groupe
“I have worked with Euclid Managers (now EM Benefits) for the past seven years, and have been very happy with their professionalism and the quality of the service I have received. They are always prompt and courteous, but more importantly are quite competent.”
Tom Terrill, Terrill Insurance Solutions
“I just wanted to take a moment to thank Jennifer for the WONDERFUL JOB she has been doing on one of our groups. We are bombarded with enrollment applications for this group, and Jennifer gets them done as quickly as I do and she has answered me on every one of them regarding processing, etc. I just want to say thanks for the quick, accurate enrolling, and for your good work!”
Ina Goldberg, North Shore Insurance Brokers
“I could not be happier with the service, pleasantness, great enthusiasm and friendliness of both Laura and Joey.”
Tony Marchese, DKM Insurance Advisors
“Danielle, your willingness to take the extra steps to provide meaningful service in situations like this one, is yet another example of why Euclid Managers (now EM Benefits) stands above it’s competitors.”
Ian Monie, Thomas R. Duensing & Associates, LTD
“Working with Veleka is Fantastic! The best change I’ve ever made! I so enjoy working with Veleka.”
Jamie Goeske, The Benefits Group, Inc.
“I can’t say enough good things about the entire team at Euclid Managers (now EM Benefits). They are always quick and eager to help while dedicating themselves to ensuring my clients have the best possible employee benefits experience. Being a relatively small fish in a large pond, Euclid Managers (now EM Benefits) is able to give us the advantages that many of our larger competitors have with direct carrier relationships. Our firm would simply not have the success we have enjoyed without their guidance and forward-thinking mentality. Their relationship has been invaluable.”
Ryan Cox, Sure Life Insurance